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Signs She Wants Me Back - Learn How To Spot Them Here

There is no doubt about it, if you want to get her back in your life then you will have to be able to read the signs first. She will be emitting certain signals that you have to learn to watch out for. It is more than what she says remember, there are a lot of clues that you can read in her body language too. Let's get started then.

She contacts you a lot after the break up

Even if she was the one that broke up with you, you may find that she is contacting you after the break up. This is a huge clue that she wants you back and still has feelings for you. Also look at the way she is contacting you. Is she calling to hear your voice? She will be wanting to make some kind of personal contact with you and calling you is the perfect opportunity. 

She will probably sound a little nervous and be asking you how you are. Look out for what she says when she is phoning you too. Is there any point to her call or is she really checking up on you to see how you are doing? Watch out for feeble excuses such as returning stuff to you. Go with your gut instinct here.  She will be testing the waters to see how much you have moved on. 

The same goes for texts. If she is suddenly texting you out of the blue and asks loads of questions, she is trying to engage you and wants to prolong the conversation. Texts are much more likely to come from her at night or the weekends when she is lonely and thinking about you.

Listen out for what she asks too. If she is asking you what you have been up to or perhaps what you are doing at the weekend, she will be trying to suss out whether you are looking for someone new. If this does happen you should be polite but evasive, this way you are not lying to her but letting her own mind fill in the blanks of what you are up to. Her imagination will be in overdrive at the thought of you going out on a date with someone else. 

She starts to reminisce about your past relationship together

This is a huge sign that she misses you and that she feels that there is something missing in her life. Think about it, if she was getting on with her life and happy she would not feel the need to go over your past or remember about the happy times, she would be too busy. She is also doing this to see if you feel the same. She is looking for clues that you miss her too and testing the waters before she does anything else. 

She may mention things that you used to do together and places that you used to go. When you break up it is easy to forget about the bad times and then start concentrating on what was good and idealising it. When she does this it is a great opportunity for you to try and get her back again. She will be much more open to a reconciliation when she misses you and the good times.

She shows you signs of affection

This doesn't just mean physical affection remember. Look out for compliments or concern about your well being. This ultimately shows that she still has feelings for you and is genuinely concerned about how you are doing. 

When two people break up they will suddenly start to miss the physical closeness of what being in a relationship brings. She may try to hug you or slap you in a friendly way on your arm. Any kind of contact here is what she is after. Be careful not to take advantage of this though and always do things for the right reasons. If you end up getting close again then make sure that you are both in the right place and neither of you will regret it. 

Your Next Steps

Obviously these are very few of the signs that your ex girlfriend wants you back. There are many more that you need to spot and this guide will teach you. 

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My Ex Girlfriend Is Dating Someone Else

When your ex girlfriend is dating someone else you will be feeling pretty low and jealous. It doesn't mean that your chances of getting her back are over though. There are many things that you can do to get her to regret her decision to date someone else. In fact, you can tune into exactly what she is thinking and then use this to your advantage to make her miss you and want you instead of her new boyfriend.

You have to think about how you two broke up in the first place. If you were the one that broke up with her then she might be trying to get back at you and show you what you are missing. This is a natural reaction to have when you have been hurt as you want to show your ex that they have made a mistake and provoke a reaction from them.

So what if she was the one that broke up with you?

Truth is that she could well have moved on and had her eye on this new guy for a while. That is hard to hear, but you need to face up to this as one of the possibilities. If this is the case then it is best for you to cut your losses and move on. The worst thing that you could do is to make yourself look pathetic in front of her. Have some self respect and move on yourself. It may ache right now,  but you shouldn't want to be with someone who disrespects you, you deserve better than this.

When did you break up?

Another reason that she could be dating someone else is because she is in a rebound, this still happens if she was the one that broke up with you. She could be desperate to prove to herself that she made the right decision and wants to move on as quickly as possible. This never works however. When you try to force yourself to get over someone it usually backfires on you. This is even more true when you involve another party and expect them to be the answer to all of the hurt that you are feeling. She will come to realise this after a while herself.

If you broke up a short time ago then this is a very common tactic that exes employ to try and get over someone. The truth of the matter is that rebound relationships don't last long at all. On average they only last between 6 and 8 weeks. It takes this amount of time to make your ex realise that they are still not over you and miss you.

What you should do

If you go in and interfere with her new relationship you will end up looking like a jealous stalker. It is best for you to give them both space and avoid them if you possibly can. Never let her think that you are angry or upset over her new romance as this will make her feel good about herself. Instead you have to do what she least expects and act as if you don't care at all. This will shock her and make her wonder if you ever loved her at all. Once she sees that getting into a new relationship does not make you jealous, she will question why she is doing it in the first place and soon end it.

The bonds that you have with your ex girlfriend will still be there and she will most likely be missing you too, even if she is not showing it. You have a past history together, something that her and this new guy don't have. She will be constantly measuring him against you and comparing you both, this is what you want. When she comes to her senses and realises that it is actually you that she wants, you can then start to win back her heart very easily.

Be happy

I know that this sounds impossible right now, but you have to at least pretend if you want her to regret her decision. We all are attracted to people who are positive and who it feels good to be around. Let her see that you are busy with your life and happy for them both. Don't lay it on too thick however or it will be glaringly obvious what you are trying to do.

Your next steps

Now that you know that you have a very good chance of getting her back again, you will need to learn some key techniques that will make her mad about you and highly attracted to you again.

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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Be Interested In You Again

It is a fact that relationships are not always on a smooth and steady path. It can be rocky sometimes resulting in a breakup. When this happens, you will notice that there is a large gap in your life. In all probability, you will find it so hard to move on because you realize that you still love her. Most men face this situation and most of them work on getting their ex girlfriend back. There are a lot of things that men can do to get their ex girlfriend interested in them again after the split. Even if it seems hopeless to you right now, with a little bit of time and space, perspective and situations can change and you can then start trying to win her affections again.

First, you should correct your shortcomings that contributed to the split. Apologize to her if you know that you annoyed or caused pain to her. Learn to correct your behavior that irks her. Show her that you are a changed man. You can demonstrate this through taking a class or making a career move. Your goal here is to give her the chance to see that you can be the man she always knew you could be. It is important to note here that you should not change yourself into something that you are not just to impress a girl. If she does not see how special you are just for being you then she is probably not worth the trouble. If, on the other hand, you want to learn a new skill or try something new, now is the time to do it! Getting out there and living your life soon after a break up is not only hugely attractive to your ex, but it will help you to occupy your mind and gain a little self respect and sense of self worth back.

Sitting at home to nurse your broken heart isn't going to get your girlfriend interested again in you. Continue to live your life. Your ex will get wind of it if you always mourn for the breakup through friends and the wonderful world of facebook. YOu have to be very careful after a break up as everything that you say could be used as evidence against you. It is best to always appear happy and normal if at all possible.

If she realizes that you are devastated with the breakup, it will push her away since it will make her feel more uncomfortable. You should realize that women want their men strong enough to keep their emotions in check most of the time. Spend time with some friends everyday even if it's hard. Go on with your life and show her that your world didn't stop because she was gone. This will show her that you are not dependent on her at all. This reverse psychology technique is hugely successful as you will begin to notice once you put it in action.

The saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder is indeed true. So, stay out of your ex girlfriend's life for a while after the split. Don't initiate any contact with her. Your absence will make you her realize that she still loves you. And there will be a chance of getting her interested in you again. With your absence, she might be wondering what you are doing with your free time. You should know that women have very active imaginations. And if she realizes that you have completely gotten over her, then she might be running back to you. A big tip here is not to write any sad or hateful status updates on Facebook as it will only reinforce her opinion of you. I is best to say absolutely nothing at all, just reply to friends in a normal upbeat fashion if they post on your wall, but try not to give anything away concerning details of your activities as it will seem that you are trying to impress her. Yes, you do want to impress her, but you don't want her to know that! It should always come across naturally.

It is important to know what you say or do in the relationship especially during a breakup. This will either set the stage for a reunion with her or ensure she's gone forever. Things you do or say will surely impact the your future so choose your actions wisely.

The above tips are just some of the things that you can do to win her back. If you want to learn more read more. To get your ex girlfriend back there is really good advice from experts that you can follow that have excellent success results. We highly recommend The Magic Of Making Up, this expert has managed to get thousands of couples back together all over the world, you should really listen to his advice.

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